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With a heavy heart
we are sorry to announce, 
A special lady has begun a new ride


Mary Piggott
Passed Monday July 11th

In lieu of services the family is having a Potluck (Celebration of life)
Saturday July 16th

starting at 1pm
174 S. Corbin Rd Post Falls, ID

The family is requesting all who attend, wear bright color clothing


Questions can be directed to Dennis Falconer 208-755-4596


Click here for some Happy Memories with Mary







ATV / UTV Owners
Great Job!

Your voices and comments were heard in Boise.

The House Transportation Committee opposed the HB 437 by holding it in committee.

Thank you the Idaho House Transportation committee members for Listening to your constituents.

While one would hope it was over, there is the likely hood another bill will be introduced by the same representative.

So check the site often in order to stay informed.



posted 2-22-2016





Attention Homeowners

Karen Crosby brought to our attention
a bill you might be interested in opposing

House Bill 431


If the Bill passes in the Senate,
then Idaho homeowners would face a cap of $100k
while claiming their property tax exemption.

Click here for more information

North Idaho ATV Assoc has not taken a position on this bill. 


posted 2-22-2016




Center Target Sports is offering a "Wilderness First Aid Course"

posted 1-9-2013



ATV riders held onto one 50" trail experience in Kellogg.

US Forest Service has made their decision.

The club has received the below letter from the Forest Service Stating they have decided to indefinitely postpone the proposed changes to trail 113, 226, 16 & 16B  Which would have increased the vehicle width using it from 50" or less vehicles to larger than 50" inch, in turn allowing full size 4x4 vehicles to travel on it.


While we are happy not to lose one the few real 50" trail experience routes in the long run, Andy Boggs had already instructed his crew to wide and level the 113 so for now it's wide enough for full size vehicles to travel that section of trail. Hopefully this will grow back in short order to create the shaded canopy once experienced on this trail. We will be requesting some barricades or a gate installed at the entrance to help minimize the likely hood of full size vehicles using the 50" trail.

Thank you to all our members and Non-members who helped by sending in those comment letters.

Click here to read the letter
(PDF form)
546 kb




Our condolences to the Peak Family.
Joe Peak will be missed.

For those who might not of  known Joe,
he was the Owner of Snake Pit Restaurant in Kingston


Spokesman Review Reported Joe's passing


CDA Press had a couple articles about Joe.

Click below to view them.





Nez-Perce Clearwater Forest
Issues Travel Plan Decision


 As usual OHV Folks have lost riding opportunities. Early estimates show about 400 miles of motorized trails were closed.  Overall this is about a 35% reduction in summer trail miles.
About 200,000 acres of snowmobile opportunities gone as well. (This is being referred to as their "Great Burn")

Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell has decided how motorized uses will be managed on roads and trails within the boundaries of the 1.8-million-acre Clearwater National Forest.

  Click here to read the email release issued 1-4-2012




S 1001aa

Has passed the Senate and the House of Representatives and should be on the way to the Governor

  S 1001aa Passed.

We were heard by enough legislators to pass the Bill.

CONGRATULATIONS to those who took time to be involved in your Sport!

And a Big thank you to those Legislators in Boise who listened.

If you would like to see to the results of those who voted for the Bill with us, and those who voted against the Bill click here


Click here to read updated information from our friends in Boise working & watching the Bill S1001AA on our behalf.   (Sandra Mitchell)

State of Idaho Website Quick Info
Schedule & Video


UPDATE! -   Bill to return the GAS TAX to IDPR Info
HR 144
    Click here
for more information




Updated 3-16-2011  Bill 105 & 1016 where killed in committee and never made it to the floor for a vote!

New Bills on the Table

S1015 & S1016

Both need your support


Should Fish & Game have the right to restrict hunters from using ATV's to reach their hunting spots when riding on legal ATV Trails?

Here are two Bills dealing with this issue.
They will remove the right from Fish & Game to govern ATV use while hunting.

Bill S1015
Bill S1016


Click here for more information and
one families experience




Check back for future details

The NIATV Board of Directors Sent the below letter to the Forest Service on behalf of the club.

But we appreciated all those who sent in letters on their own as well.

Here's the Letter sent by the B.O.D.

The Idaho Panhandle National Forest is reviewing their "Roads of concern" on the forest. They have identified 260 miles on the Kaniksu, Coeur d’Alene River, and St. Joe Ranger Districts that may require mitigation measures which could include closure to ALL OHVs, not just to unlicensed operators. To see a map of the roads they have identified and learn about their public comment process, please visit 

Idaho Panhandle National Forests- OHV Riding (Maps-Roads of Concern for the FS)

While they have removed or narrowed down some of the roads of concern this go around they will be reviewing others in the months to come.

For now in the Panhandle area map shows parts of the following roads being considered.  (This is a partial list)

#209 Bumblebee area
#208 Shoshone Base Camp trail
#278 to Whiskey Rock
#301 Fishhook
#1237 Kelly Creek (South of Avery)
#326 Loop Creek  (Off Moon Pass)
#218 Red Ives




614 * 918 Seasonal Road Closure

RESULTS!  3-26-2011


Another words the OHV community did not send in enough responses to stop the closure to go into affect next winter.  Snow loads will affect when it starts and Stops but this can be Dec 10th to April 1st.

The Nordic Cross Country Ski Club has requested the Forest Service place a seasonal closure on one of the only roads we as OHV riders can and do use year round.

Road 614 & the 918 between the 4th Of July Pass Parking lot and Rose Saddle is the requested closure in our immediate area.  This is the route we take to ride to Harrison and Carlin Bay.

If you missed the membership meeting it is vital you send in a message to the Forest Service requesting they do not seasonally close the 614 or 918 to OHV's. 

Deadline to comment is Feb 28th

Click here to view the F.S. letter we received in regarding this closure.

UPDATE: 2-15-2011 We had a misspelling of the email address and have since made a correction

Please resend your emails regarding the loss of the 614 and 918 routes during winter months.

We have spoke to Mike Leverick and would suggest you carbon copy him on the emails if possible.

Your comments can be emailed to:

Project leader is
Mike Leverick 208-769-3013 
or by email

If you have questions Frank 660-1170 or
Dan 209-3204 can answer give them a call.


While the NIATV Board of Directors has sent the below letter to the Forest Service it is imperative that you as ATV/UTV & Motorcycle Riders send an email or letter yourself.
Please help do your part and send in a letter.

Here's the Letter to be sent by the B.O.D.


Time to act is Now!
Before Feb 28th!

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