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Ride Classification Guidelines

There have been several discussions about ride classifications, and of guidelines or expectations of each type of ride.  In addition, there have been several requests for a new classification with a higher level of challenge than our existing “family” and “sport” rides.  We are calling the new classification “X-rides” for “extreme sport”.  The purpose of these classifications is to ensure that everyone has an idea what to expect on a ride, and to ensure that they are on a style of ride they are comfortable with.  Let’s take a look at what you can expect on each of these rides.

Family Rides:image

Family rides are designed to emphasize the family and all-ages nature of our sport.  These rides are a great place to bring young riders, or to introduce new riders to the sport.  Rides will typically be held on forest service roads or mild trails.  Rides will typically be less than 20 mph, but may approach 35 under ideal conditions.  Rides will have regular breaks, and will be fairly short, generally less than 50 miles.  These rides will typically be UTF-friendly, but now always.  Check the web site for ride descriptions.

Ride leaders will make an extra effort to ensure that new riders get a safe and successful introduction to the sport.  Extra help will be offered to anyone that would like some pointers or tips.

Sport rides:image

What we are calling “sport” rides are probably our most common classification.  These will be on forest service roads, and trails of moderate levels of challenge.  Terrain will be more challenging than Family rides.  Water crossings will generally be less than a foot deep.  Rides will generally be longer than family rides, generally 60-80 miles depending on conditions.  These rides will typically last 5-8 hours.  It’s possible that these rides will run further, check the web site for ride descriptions.  One of our popular sport rides is around 120 miles!

Sport rides are aimed at the bulk of our riders age 16 and over.  Some sport rides will be suitable for UTVs, but check the website in advance.

Rides such as the Happy Hermit ride, especially when we take the “Conjector Road” (road 1017) would be an example of “sport” rides.

Extreme Sport Rides (X-Rides): image

These rides are geared towards experienced riders with a sense of adventure!  Rides will run 35mph+ when legal on forest service roads, with a higher level of speed carried on trails as well.    These rides will be geared around the most challenging (and potentially most risky) trails, and the deepest water crossings available on approved trails.  Assistance, in the form of winching, or a second person to help secure the quad is a likelihood.

X-rides will also be focused on exploring new legal trails as well.  It is entirely possible that such exploration will result in a “dead end” trail that will require backtracking.  It is also possible that winter “X-rides” will require considerable effort to make it through significant amounts of snow over considerable distance.  These rides are geared towards riders 18 and over.  These rides are not typically geared towards UTVs.

For those familiar with the Wallace area, Red Oak, Champion Creek and Trail 16 are typical of the terrain these rides are focused on.

Closing comments

The purpose of these classifications is to give everyone an idea of what to expect on a given ride, and to ensure everyone has a safe, quality riding experience.  See you on the trail!

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