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Honey Badger Story Board

 | Published on 6/14/2019

Help Us Develop the Honey Badger Project ...

The 53,000-acre proposed project area is named for Honey and Badger Mountains which sit on the northeastern side of the project area. North of Coeur d'Alene and east of Hayden Lake, Idaho, this area is a gateway for our local communities to access their National Forest for its many uses.


The Honey Badger Project is needed to ...

... reduce wildfire risks to nearby private property by increasing the chance that firefighters can stop wildfires when they start.

... enhance and maintain opportunities for public recreation.

... establish a resilient forest

... maintain and/or improve water quality within the project area.


About the Honey Badger Story Map ...

This story map has been developed to tell you the story of the Honey Badger Project, and to get you involved in helping us to design the project and for you to learn more about how and why projects like this are developed by the Forest Service.


Use the tabs above the map or the links below to further explore the project.

Click on text highlighted in blue to see photos or additional map layers. Zoom into each map for greater detail.

This Story Map will evolve over time as the project moves through development and implementation.