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The Low-Light-Limbo night ride was a success....kind of.

Joe Sh | Published on 8/16/2020
We started off with 17 machines. 4 miles in we lost 6 of them to mechanical issues. At Gold Creek Lodge 3 of those returned and one straggler joined the group. An hour or so after dinner we were down 4 more due to time constraints and driver choice to take a different route. The remaining 10 of us (my mathmatacising ain't so good or my memory is fading...probably both) completed the trip without any issues while occasionally stopping to marvel at the stars and give out the remaining prizes for trivia and scavenger hunt items. Two 5 point bucks, a moose, a skunk, multiple bats and more rabbits and field mice than could be counted were spotted throughout the pays to lead. :)
Thanks to all who attended and a huge thank you to Kaleb and Suzanne Bleeker for picking up cones for us.
Joe & Michelle