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Published On 2/5/2020
The 2020 Events Calendar has been posted but...I have only listed the dates and general location. Additional info will not be available until I get the specifics back from the respective Ride Leaders. Please be patient.
Thank you,
Joe Sh.
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Published On 2/1/2020
Thank you everyone who showed up for the ride leaders meeting. Keep an eye out for this years schedule there are some good rides coming up. If you don't see anything that you want that is not on the schedule let us Know. As always subject to change due to snow levels and forest fires . Always keep a watch out for changes of the schedule.
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Published On 6/26/2022
Monday June 27 trail maintenance canceled. Next schedule trail maintenance is July 15 Friday on trail 800.
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Published On 6/13/2022
Will be another great day of trail maintenance on trail 800. Meet at 9 am and ride off at 9:15 at 4th of July parking lot. Please sign up so we have an idea of who is coming.
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Published On 6/2/2022
Trail maintenance Wednesday June 8. Meet at 4th of July parking lot at 9 am, ride off at 9:15 am. 50 inch max machine only. Club furnishes all tools. Bring lunch and water. Contact Larry if you need a ride from the parking lot. 208 659 3641
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Published On 5/8/2022
Saturday May 21 is another trail maintenance day. Please sign up. 50” max width machine. Club has tools. Bring lunch. We need all the help we can get!
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Published On 3/30/2022
The Idaho State Department of Parks & Recreation's Recreation Education Program has several ATV training sessions scheduled at Farragut State Park starting in April.

The website address to the Recreation Education Program schedule is below.

If you have questions about the classes, the IDPR contact is:

Sam Hoggatt
Recreation Education Coordinator - North Idaho
2750 Kathleen Avenue, Suite 1
Coeur d'Alene ID 83815
Fax: 208-769-1418
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Published On 2/14/2022
Hear is our ride schedule that we came up with this year. it looks like a few new rides some old rides but a lot of fun.
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Published On 10/4/2021
Sorry for the inconvenience but we had the wrong date for the Christmas Party . The correct date is December 4 2021
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Published On 7/25/2021
Thanks to Larry Southard, Ted Trude, Joe and Glenda Winters, Steve Powers, and myself, we got the brush cut on trail 1516. It is now in very good shape.

We put in three hard days with the six of us broke up in two crews, separated a good distance apart. Had four Hedge Trimmers going full time, one pole saw most of the time, a fifth Hedge Trimmer and Chain Saw a few times.

We had no problems with the fires and very little smoke at the campsite, some days totally clear. The temperature was not to hot and it got down to the mid 40’s in the early mornings. The river road was open all the time. All in all, the weather was great!

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Published On 4/8/2021
The Idaho Senate held a late session in to the evening last night. The result was overwhelming success for two of our initiatives. H86, which simplifies the sticker and registration process through IDPR, passed 35-0. It has now passed both chambers without a single no vote. H129, which allows expanded use of OHVs on public roads (including numbered state highways), passed 32-2. It has now passed both chambers, receiving only 2 no votes (in the Senate; nobody opposed in the House). I fully expect Governor Little will sign both bills inasmuch as they received such tremendous Legislative support. Thank you to each of you for the support you provided to ISATVA and IRC as we moved these bills forward on your behalf.
Best wishes,
David P. Claiborne, President
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Published On 3/10/2021
Paddy's Sports Bar
601 W Appleway
CDA,ID 83814
6:00- ???
NIATV clothing is encouraged.

I dropped the ball on getting this info out.
My apologies.
Joe Sh.
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Published On 3/3/2021
IHOP has closed permanently . Our new meeting location is
230 W Appleway Ave
Coeur D Alene Idaho
Meet and greet at 6pm Meeting starts at 7pm
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Published On 2/11/2021
Events are beginning to show up on the 2021 Calendar! Check back often to see what great things we'll be doing this year. Sign-ups may not be immediately available. I'm trying to get the basic info out first and will populate the specifics later. NOTE: Some events are visible only to active members so be sure to renew/sign in to have access to all the info.
Thank you,
Joe Sh.
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Published On 12/27/2020
Travel Advisory!!!!
As a result of the recent snowfall, the Backcountry is now closed to wheeled vehicles. Barricades have been put up at the local trailheads, to include Fernan Saddel, Bunco Trailhead and 4th of July Trailhead. The trails are not only open to tracked vehicles. Hayden creek at the intersection of FS Road 206 and FS Road 437 is also closed to wheeled vehicles, however barricades have yet to be placed at that location.
It is also important to know that all the remaining roads in the backcountry are impassable by vehicles. If someone does decide to venture out into the backcountry you should make sure to let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Pack plenty of extra food and water and dry clothing. A rescue could take several hours so it is important to be prepared.
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Published On 12/10/2020
I'm planning the Ride Leader's Meeting for the second week of Feb. If you want to lead a ride or have a ride suggestion please let me know.
Joe Sh.
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Published On 10/23/2020
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Published On 8/16/2020
We started off with 17 machines. 4 miles in we lost 6 of them to mechanical issues. At Gold Creek Lodge 3 of those returned and one straggler joined the group. An hour or so after dinner we were down 4 more due to time constraints and driver choice to take a different route. The remaining 10 of us (my mathmatacising ain't so good or my memory is fading...probably both) completed the trip without any issues while occasionally stopping to marvel at the stars and give out the remaining prizes for trivia and scavenger hunt items. Two 5 point bucks, a moose, a skunk, multiple bats and more rabbits and field mice than could be counted were spotted throughout the pays to lead. :)
Thanks to all who attended and a huge thank you to Kaleb and Suzanne Bleeker for picking up cones for us.
Joe & Michelle
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Published On 8/9/2020
Don't forget to check the Chat/Forums section for people posting impromptu rides. ;)
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Published On 8/2/2020
Trail maintenance scheduled for this coming Saturday, August 8. Meet at the 4th of July N parking lot at 8:30 am and ride of at 8:45 am. This is our last scheduled trail maintenance for the season. Will be working on trail 800. Bring water and lunch along with gloves. We have the tools. Also need to bring your 50” max machine to ride to the job site. If you need a ride , let me know. Larry. 208 659 3641. Please sign up on the website.
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Published On 7/9/2020
IHOP is back to regular hours so our meetings are also.
6:00 dinner/social
7:00 meeting starts
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Published On 6/16/2020
The upcoming campout has been limited to ATVs only! Please see the Event Calendar for more info...and then sign up to help with Trail Maintenance. :)
Note: 803 is not one of the trails assigned to NIATV for maintenance. ;)
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Published On 4/19/2020
It would appear people are reporting WA license plates found in ID recreation areas and law enforcement is taking action....don't shoot the messenger.
Joe Sh.
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Published On 4/4/2020
The Coeur d’Alene River Ranger District is seeking public comments on the Honey Badger Project. Objectives of the Honey Badger Project are to establish and maintain resilient forest stand structure and species composition; reduce the potential for high-intensity wildfire while promoting desirable fire behavior; improve water quality and aquatic habitats, and provide sustainable recreational opportunities. Detailed information and maps regarding conditions in the project area and the proposed activities are available online at the project website
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Published On 3/29/2020
here is a link for firewood cutting
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