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2023 Tentative Ride Schedule

Dennis Falconer | Published on 2/19/2023

2023 Tentative Ride Schedule

April 21st   Trail maintence


May 5th     Trail Maintence

         19th  Trail Maintence

         27th   Lost Moose Memorial Day Weekend all Machines


June     3rd   Trail Maintence

           10th   Bunco / Clarkfork   all machines ? Rick

           14th  Trail Maintence

           17th Night Ride   All machines Joe S.

          24th  Liard Park  50’’ machines Ted/Kim


July  8th Stay in your seat ride Dennis/Larry 50” machines

        14th Trail Maintence

        22nd 4th July pass ride all machines Larry

        29th Trail Maintence


August  5th 4th July pass to Harrison Rick all machines

               12th Trail maintence



September 9th Bunco / Magee Steve P. all machines

                      16th Wallace / Taft night ride Michael & Ester all machines

                       30th Wallace / Avery Dennis F. all machines


October      15th Wallace / sheefoot